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Divorce Podcast: Civility in divorce and family law, raising the bar

Welcome to the Scroggins Law Group divorce podcast series. This program features Texas Board Certified* family law attorney Mark Scroggins who shares information about issues affecting Texas families in divorce and family law.

Divorce podcast topics:

  • Professionalism among divorce lawyers, when your word is your credibility;
  • Keeping your cool as a client during the entire process, boosting your credibility;
  • How to best respond to obstructionism and gamesmanship affecting your divorce;
  • The art of disagreeing without being disagreeable, a sign of maturity and reasonableness.

Board certified* in family law, Mark L. Scroggins is an aggressive and experienced trial attorney with a sound understanding of business matters that serves him well in family law. An accomplished speaker and author, Mr. Scroggins has practiced family law throughout the state of Texas for over 20 years. He has written about family law matters for Texas Lawyer and numerous other periodicals and has spoken before numerous organizations and corporate clients.

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