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Temporary Orders Lawyers Dallas TX

Skilled Handling Of Temporary Order Family Law Issues

As convenient as would be, life does not pause during the time-consuming process of getting a divorce. Bills need to be paid, children need to be tended to, and the spouses involved need to ensure that their joint responsibilities are taken care of until their marriage is dissolved. To ensure that these responsibilities continue to be met, a judge will rule on a temporary order to maintain a marriage’s status quo while the spouses and the court sort out the details of their divorce.

Whether you and your spouse can agree or not on the terms of your temporary orders, diligent and thorough representation is needed to ensure your rights are protected. At Scroggins Law Group, our award-winning and board-certified Collin County divorce lawyers offer comprehensive divorce representation. That means from the very first phases of your divorce —such as the temporary order hearing —to the last, our team is ready to guide you every step of the way and ensure the best possible outcome.

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What Temporary Orders Can Address

When considering temporary orders, a judge wants to determine how the marriage has operated in the past and make the best effort to maintain regularity while the couple’s divorce is finalized. This means that everything from financial matters to parent-child relationships must be considered.

Temporary orders can address:

Ideally, even spouses who are in conflict will come to an agreement on these matters before the temporary order hearing. If not, then the courts will hold what is basically a “mini” trial to decide them. These temporary order trials are costly and do not reflect what the final determination of what these matters will be at the end of the divorce process-which is why agreement on these temporary matters is always encouraged.

Counsel from a Compassionate Divorce Attorney

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