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Family Lawyer Collin County TX No two divorces are exactly alike.  Each is unique, and there are countless scenarios that result in appointment of conservatorship and possession and access. The right to determine the primary residence of the child is most often awarded to one parent. This right is typically accompanied by a geographic restriction as it applies to the child’s primary residence. The question often becomes...

Established Law Firm Opens New Headquarters in Frisco, TX Frisco, Texas is a rapidly growing city north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in both Collin and Denton counties. With a population of just under 200000, the city of Frisco has quickly become one of the most attractive places to live in all of the U.S.  As one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, Frisco was selected...

Family Lawyer Frisco, TX A record number of American couples have chosen to cohabitate without first becoming legally married. There are numerous benefits to such arrangements, but there are also certain legal drawbacks. The interests of each cohabitating romantic partner are not protected under the law to the same degree that the interests of spouses are. As a result, it can be difficult to ensure that property...