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What Is A Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce is the kind of divorce where both parties cannot amicably agree over how to settle their divorce. Perhaps they do not agree on matters such as child support and alimony. Contested divorces are notorious for being lengthy and emotionally draining. Our firm solely handles contested divorces and provides the aggressive and relentless representation merited by these cases.

Why Can't I Just File For Divorce On My Own?

While many individuals choose to file for divorce on their own, we highly discourage others from doing so. Filling for divorce without legal assistance can unnecessarily place your rights and interests in danger. This is especially true in the case of contested divorces. You need to have a passionate and tough advocate on your side who will fiercely protect your rights in court.

How Much Alimony Can I Expect To Receive?

It is impossible to exactly predict how a family law court judge will rule regarding alimony because a variety of factors are taken into consideration. In the state of Texas, alimony is decided by taking a look at the length of the marriage, whether or not one spouse was the homemaker, his or her earning ability, and age of the spouse seeking alimony, to name a few. The chances of obtaining the alimony amount you wish to receive are greatly enhanced when you have legal representation.

Did you know that you always wanted to be a family law lawyer in Plano, TX?

I think I am one of the few who knew from a relatively early age that I did want to be a lawyer.

What influenced you? Do you have other lawyers in your family?

No, I am the only family law lawyer in my family, at least at the present (my daughter is getting ready to go to law school). My father was a CPA and his family had a bunch of other financial people. My father actually put a bumper sticker on my room that said “Tigers eat their young” when I let him know I was dead set on going to law school. I was heavily influenced by some of my teachers in high school, one of which who was a lawyer as well as the soccer coach. I took a debate class from him that really solidified my thoughts of being a lawyer. I also had an English teacher who challenged me. She taught me to always do my best and not just what was need to get by. That is really important to me in my practice today

Did you always know that you would be a family lawyer or divorce lawyer in Plano, TX?

Absolutely not! When I got out of law school, I knew that there were two areas of law I would never practice; Family law and tax. I held true on my promise not to practice tax law. With family law, it just kind of happened. My background was in business litigation and one of my business clients, was getting a divorce. I ended up representing the companies in the context of the divorce proceedings and other ancillary litigation. That case went on for a significant amount time. After that, I started receiving a lot of referrals on divorce cases and with some sage advice from my wife at the time, I decided to move into family law on a full-time basis.

What was it that motivated you to make a switch into family law from business litigation?

I definitely enjoyed how much more I am in court with Plano, TX family law matters as compared to business litigation. Additionally, Family law requires you to be on top of so many different areas of law that it is intellectually stimulating and challenging at the same time. But most of all, I get the real sense of accomplishment in helping individuals get through one of the most challenging times of their lives. Going through divorce or other family law matter is one of the most difficult things that a person can’t ever go through. To see a client’s metamorphosis from the beginning to the end of a family law matter, in front of your eyes is unbelievably rewarding.

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